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What We Offer

Located In Canton, Ohio, Fox Truck & Tractor LLC is near the three major trucking hubs of Akron-Canton, Cleveland, and Youngstown Ohio.  We have relationships and contacts with over 30 local truck dealers and parts suppliers, so we typically can find most parts same-day.  We also work with several National-level suppliers that can ship us items within a few days or less.  We will work hard to find the parts you need to get back on the road, if we can't find it, you pay nothing!  Let us help you! 

How does it work?

  • Fill out the form below, be sure to include full VIN, part(s) you are looking for, and any OEM part numbers available.  Also feel free to call us directly at (330)-573-5396. ​​

  • We will start looking for your part(s) as soon as possible.  Once we locate your items, we will contact you via email or phone, with a quote and steps to move forward if desired.

How much does it cost?

  • We charge a flat 10% (of item cost + tax) finder's fee after we locate your part, $50 minimum - $350 maximum fee (excludes 4% processing fee or pick up time).  We collect this fee before we release the location information of the desired item.  After payment is received, we will release all needed information for you to purchase the item.  For Example - If we locate an alternator for you, the price, plus tax  happens to be $500.  Our commission would be $50, after we collect $50 we will release the information to purchase the alternator, or we can purchase directly, for an additional fee, which is explained below, and then ship directly to you. 

  • If we purchase the part for you in advance and collect total payment after, there will be an additional 4% payment processing fee, plus any shipping, and/or parts pick up or delivery time (our parts pick up time is $85/hour).  These fees are excluded from the $50min/ $350 max commission cap and are additional. 

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