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What is DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalysts) ?

Updated: Feb 21

DOCs, short for Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, are exhaust aftertreatment devices that can effectively reduce emissions from diesel-fueled vehicles and equipment. Due to their simplicity and low maintenance requirements, engine manufacturers have used DOCs in various in-use applications for many years. Additionally, they are commonly employed as a retrofit technology.

The typical design of a DOC consists of a flow-through honeycomb structure that is coated with precious metal, such

as platinum or palladium, and contained in a stainless steel housing. As hot diesel exhaust passes through the honeycomb structure, the precious metal coating initiates a catalytic reaction that breaks down pollutants into less harmful components. This process helps to reduce the amount of harmful emissions that are released into the environment.

Diesel Emissions Specialists LLC offers DOC filter cleaning service. Give us a call (330-573-5396) today to schedule your DPF & DOC cleaning appointment.

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